A Magician's Life

With a twinkle in her eye, Lisa Menna mesmerizes audiences with her refreshingly candid style and enthusiasm. For the past decade Lisa’s sophisticated sorcery has delighted audiences around the globe. As Teller, from Penn & Teller stated, "She is not only beautiful and funny, she is clever." Lisa Menna is considered by many to be the top woman magician internationally.

Lisa Menna is a world-class entertainer. She has been seen on Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning America, and has been in foremost publications such as, Inc. and Entrepreneur Magazine as well as the Wall Street Journal. Genii Magazine, The International Conjurors Magazine, ranked Lisa Menna #1 corporate magician in the world during an international trade event where 26 of the top corporate magicians performed and she has been awarded," Most Entertaining, Biggest Crowds, Best Audience Response, and Best Product Integration."

As a multi-talented entertainer, Lisa fuses magic, comedy and corporate pizzazz. Sleight-of-hand and grand illusion are amongst her specialties. She is the only woman in history to perform in all three rooms of the prestigious Hollywood Magic Castle. As a pioneer in creative thinking, she is the only woman ever to be given the honor of lecturing twice to the international stars of magic at the "Magicians Olympics," FISM. As a result of her gift in magic and keen sense for business, Lisa Menna has had Fortune 500 corporations such as Apple, American Express, and Intel on her client list.

According to Ms. Menna, "the reason why magic works so well for corporations, its different from song, it’s different from dance and it’s different from comedy. Magic is inherently interesting because its curiosity. Curiosity brings out the best in people and there is a comedy element to it, which brings something for everyone into the show. Because of the curiosity element of magic it rivets people’s attention. If you don’t pay close attention, you’ll miss the trick. And in paying close attention, as soon as someone gives me their attention, I’m allowed to take the attention and feed it with information, or message about the company I’m working for." During meetings, Lisa Menna has a lasting impact on the participants. She can cease boredom, increase retention and improve morale using a right mix of magic and message. An important element of Ms. Menna’s work is making the people she works for look good on stage. Her favorite aspect about being a magician is bringing out the best in people. Lisa Menna’s comedic finesse tailors her work to incorporate the complexities of the company’s new product and message.

At tradeshows, Lisa Menna stops traffic. "Ms. Menna brings in 10 times as many sales leads as conventional booth displays." (Wall Street Journal) Lisa Menna creates a non-invasive way to inform people what the company does. She stands on stage, gives a show and during the course of the show, Ms. Menna gives the audience information about what the company can do for them. Every three minutes Lisa gives a full pitch. No matter how long she has their attention, they can self-qualify and say that they need that product. And if they do not need the product, at least they walk away with brand recognition. Brand recognition is Lisa Menna’s specialty. If you want people to remember your name, Lisa Menna has ways to do that.

Lisa Menna was magically inspired by a magician’s performance at her 5th birthday party. At the age 10, she received her first magic set for Christmas. Lisa explored her interest in magic at her local library. And that is where she learned most of her magic - from public library books. At age 11, Lisa had her first magic show and earned $8. She was known as "Lisa Lollipop the Clown." Lisa was the town’s magician you hired for your kids birthday party. Before attending college, Lisa entered a magician’s contest (The Desert Magic Seminar) in Las Vegas and performed for Muhammid Ali. Ms. Menna’s performance was well received and sparked many interests. By the time she was 18 years old, Lisa had been a seasoned entertainer and had done 2000 shows nationally and internationally. Magic helped to put her through college. Lisa earned her BS in Psychology from Southern Methodist University.

Ms. Menna does a lot of work internationally because of her aptitude for learning languages. She has performed shows using up to four different languages. Her performances have been in 40 countries, such as Japan, Colombia, Italy, Thailand, and Spain. During the winter, she performs a live family variety show at a ski resort and periodically performs magic in remote orphanages to keep her chops up. According to Ms. Menna, when she turns 75 years old, she’s going back to birthday parties.