Early in her career, Lisa Menna found herself performing an improvised magic show in a fishing village in Sri Lanka. The goggled-eyed crowd was enchanted. Satisfied that she had won them over, Lisa looked across the sea of faces, and began to ham it up.

A young woman close to Lisa's age pushed her way through the crowd. Without warning, the woman shoved a dirty bundle of rags into Lisa's arms and dropped to the ground. She started kissing Lisa's ankles with her lips as Lisa opened the bundle of rags and looked inside. It was a deformed baby. The women's eyes met.

Lisa left the scene hopeless and ashamed, promising herself to find a way to use magic to reduce suffering. Twenty years later she founded a not-for-profit organization to disseminate information to traditionally hard-to-reach audiences. "Cause to Wonder" uses magic and curiosity to introduce new ideas that assist health conservation and human rights organizations. PBS described Cause to Wonder as "Doctors without borders meets Cirque du Soleil."

You are invited to get involved by donating to these cross cultural performances.

Current wish list :
  • accountant/ bookkeeper
  • lawyer
  • public relations
  • advertiser
  • producer
  • director
  • international relations
  • non profit administrator
  • entertainers
  • nurses
  • Doctors
  • educators
  • pilot
  • bus driver
  • webmaster
  • travel coordinator
  • stagehand
  • elf
medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, educational supplies, office space, office machines, office supplies, phone and internet access, bus,van, barge with captain, airplane,helicopter with pilot... oh heck - we need everything.